Getting Started All Over Again

Getting Started All Over Again

Hi and welcome to my newly reborn web blog! I’m glad that you’ve spent sometime navigating around. You might not find something interesting in here as of this moment while it’s about 75 – 80 percent complete. I am gradually spending a lot more time in building my web blog. Since, all backups and other stuff from my previous hosting provider were all long gone. It is a total disaster! Everything is gone (I tried digging up into my hard drives and found nothing) but an HTML version of my theme which I have coded for the past 3 yrs.

Repeating The Whole Process is Never Been Easy

It’s not the only web blog that is being affected I have several others too. Then again, I have to recreate everything from themes to content and most specially optimizing it for search engine. So generally speaking! the whole process is never been an easy thing to do.

Building Custom Theme

I don’t pretty much like downloading ready-made WordPress theme whether it is free or premium for me to save time because I find it very complex to use and it is also packed with functionalities which I don’t even need.

What I need to do right now is to convert my HTML copy from my previous template into a WordPress theme. Surely I have several changes from the old ones (from Design and Functionalities and Contents).

Writing Contents

Now you are reading my first post and I will be looking forward to write more that is something interesting. I don’t want this time to make it more like a personal web blog. In fact I can’t really wait to publish another one but hey I gotta be writing more stuff in the coming days as long as I am done with the development.

Alright, What I probably do right now is do some small fixes with the theme adding a little bit more of functionalities maybe, setting up Google analytics, Bing and Google Search Console.

Alright guys, Thank you for dropping-by. More updates to come!