I’m a Dedicated Freelance WordPress, SEO technical consultant my world revolves around WordPress website maintenance, WordPress consulting, WordPress technical support, SEO consulting and Computer hardware and software troubleshooting. With years of experience working with other successful and driven entrepreneurs and professionals, I can help propel you forward and get more accomplished.

My goal is to always be dependable and provide the best and most affordable support and solutions possible. Neil is always looking to learn more though. Staying current and at that ahead of the curve has always been his major objective. He had a lot of inspiring and exciting adventures and quirky thoughts through life.

Personal Bio

Neil is a man in his early thirties in Cebu, Philippines. He work as Team Supervisor at Academic Forward Thinking Inc., for almost 3 years. Neil was the youngest of the family and staying single.

In addition to his regular job, He is also interested in doing business like computer shops and services with all his knowledge, time and budget.

He is a man of opportunity. He is also highly competitive, and have added a list of challenges to be completed by himself. Neil is a very enthusiastic person and it tends to come across in his work. Also, He love exploring new and upcoming techniques and ideas.

He is naive and honest, straight forward. A social geek and a work-a-holic person. Have a curious soul and a good listener. He Like talking about the world, religion and politics. Learning new things is one of his obsessions.

Neil is a 3rd year college under graduate student at AMA Computer University. He who wishes to pursue his studies in the future and continuously looking for a College Sponsorship Program and companies or you can simply click the donate button below to support his studies in return with his services.

As a man of opportunity. Neil welcomes any job offerings or career opportunities from abroad with all his knowledge and skills.

Neil is an official member of the Samahang Magdalo – a Filipino socio-civic, non-stock, non-profit organization registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission with Company Registration No. CN201014489 and Company TIN 007-869-045. He has been elected as Chapter Secretary of the Samahang Magdalo Cebu on 2013 and continuously serving and participating in activities of the organization.

If you think that Neil is the right candidate to work with. Feel free to drop him a message and He is very much willing to get on you as soon as possible.