About the Author


Neil is a Dedicated Blogger, WordPress, SEO technical consultant his world revolves around the web with an in-depth knowledge in web development, web hosting, domain management and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).  My experience is well-built around in these areas, creating a clean web outlook.

With years of experience working with other successful and driven entrepreneurs and professionals, He can help propel you forward and get more accomplished.

He is a man of opportunity. He is also highly competitive, and have added a list of challenges to be completed by himself. Neil is a very enthusiastic person and it tends to come across in his work. Also, He love exploring new and upcoming techniques and ideas.

He is naive and honest, straight forward. A social geek and a work-a-holic person. Have a curious soul and a good listener. He Like talking about the world, religion and politics. Learning new things is one of his obsessions.

His goal is to always be dependable and provide the best and most affordable support and solutions possible. Neil is always looking to learn more though. Staying current and at that ahead of the curve has always been his major objective. He had a lot of inspiring and exciting adventures and quirky thoughts through life.

There’s something to be said about working with passion. Neil worked as an Search Engine Optimization specialist for several years but He honestly enjoys and is passionate about Front-end Web Development, Graphics Design and blogging where He tend to do these stuff on his spare time.

In addition to his proficient skills, He also bring a well rounded experience with a determination to surpass expectations and the ability to truly love what he do. He think these qualities are truly the driving force that turn a job into a career and a career into a lifelong commitment.